Why dieting can make you fatter!

Research has highlighted that at least 95% of people who follow a weight loss diet will have regained at least as much weight as they had lost within a three year period, and sometimes ended up weighing more. That means that more than 9 out of 10 dieters will have failed if they were looking for a long term change.

Conventional diets are often based on weight loss, and if followed can produce rapid results. However, the weight loss produced is not sustainable or healthy as it involves dehydration and loss of muscle tissue.

Exercise is the first priority...

The aim of an exercise programme is to lose fat without losing muscle and whilst maintaining or increasing the metabolic rate. The exercise needs to be set at the correct level for the individual and aimed at the achieving the goal of fat loss. This will generally mean performing a workout consisting of both aerobic and resistance exercises, and making this a regular part of your lifestyle.


Don’t go on a diet!! Improve the quality of your diet, combine with appropriate exercise and make those lifestyle changes for optimum results!


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